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Charity Grab | About Our Sweepstakes for Charity

What is Charity Grab?

Charity Grab allows you to enter into sweepstakes while simultaneously donating to charity. You choose which of our sweepstakes you’d like to enter and if you win, you’ll receive the advertised prize and will be benefitting charity at the same time! Even if you don’t win, you’ll know your entry wasn’t wasted…it’s being used to make a difference around the world!

Charity Sweepstakes
Sweepstakes that make a difference

How do I enter?

To enter a sweepstakes, you choose how much you’ll donate and how many entries you’re going to purchase. Usually, typical donations range from $10-100 for 100-1000 entries, but you can submit one entry for free, too! After the time runs out, our system will automatically select a winner at random. If the value of the prize is not reached, we will extend the timer until we have enough donations. Once the donation amount has been reached, the winner will be contacted to redeem their prize!

What are the sweepstakes?

Charity Grab Sweepstakes will vary, but the opportunities and experiences you can choose from could be a designer handbag, a signed sports memorabilia item, a luxury trip or a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To view our current or upcoming sweepstakes, visit the Sweepstakes page.

What nonprofits will benefit from donations?

We choose a reputable nonprofit to support through every sweepstakes, and we will advertise the recipient on each sweepstakes page. In the future, we will offer sponsored sweepstakes, so if you are a nonprofit or would like to recommend a charity to add to our list, please visit our page here.

How to participate

  1. Visit the Sweepstakes page to view current and upcoming opportunities
  2. Choose a Sweepstakes and donate to enter the contest before the timer reaches zero!
  3. Enter your email address and donate.
  4. You will be taken to a secure payment page through Paypal where you can donate and enter using PayPal or a Credit Card.
  5. When the timer reaches zero, Charity Grab’s system will automatically select a winner among entries.
  6. Charity Grab will notify the winner via email with next steps on redeeming your prize and will update all participants on the donation impact!

It’s that easy to make a difference. Ready to participate in Charity Grab? Check out our Sweepstakes and enter today!