What Is Charity Grab?

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Charity Grab offers a fun and unique way to give back. With us, you can enter sweepstakes to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip, luxury vacation or experience by entering to win. Purchase more entries and increase your chances of winning…the kicker? Half of all profits generated through the sweepstakes will be donated to charity. There’s never been an easier way to give back and have fun at the same time. You may even get to travel the world because of it!

Charity Grab offers sweepstakes that benefit charity. Enter one of our sweepstakes today!

Make A Difference Through Sweepstakes – 4 Benefits Of Supporting Charity

Charity Grab Offers Sweepstakes That Benefit Charity


Charitable giving is something we hear about often – but do we all participate? Studies show that in 2015 alone more than $300 billion was donated to charity – a figure that’s on the rise. Moreover, with the rise of digital technology, online giving platforms are growing, which is making it easier than ever to give.

At Charity Grab, we offer sweepstakes to benefit charity. Here, you purchase entries and a percentage of all profits will go to the supported charity – and if you win, you just might get the opportunity to go on a luxurious vacation or once-in-a-lifetime experience! Why charity, you ask? We believe that now is the time when consumers want to do good in the world. So we’re creating the opportunity to do just that!

We believe charity is essential, and we want to be a part of the story changing the world. Here are the top 5 reasons we believe it’s important to support charity:

  1. You’re helping people.
    This goes without saying, but supporting charity means lives are impacted. Behind every charity, there are people being helped and lives being changed. When you support charity, you get to be a part of real life change – and that is amazing!
  2. You’re making societal change.
    Beyond helping people, giving to charity benefits society as a whole. Nonprofit organizations usually have a twofold mission – help people, and tackle a root issue like poverty, homelessness, human trafficking, the water crisis and more. By supporting charity, you get to be a part of a broader story of making societal change possible.
  3. Giving feels good.
    Giving to charity doesn’t just do good – it feels good, too. People often say giving gives you purpose. Charity reminds us what is important and helps us fuel the altruistic nature of human beings. It feels great, and it does great – a true win-win!
  4. You join a broader community.
    When you give to charitable organizations, you meet other people who have similar beliefs, values and interests. You get to meet others who support the charity of your choice and meet them – and put your heads together to create real change in the world. You’ll make friends, get to partner with them, and see you impact multiply.

So, no matter where you give – it’s just important to give. Find a charity or cause you want to get behind, learn about them and budget for giving as an ongoing expense. It’s not really an expense at all – you gain more than you give.

And – don’t forget – Charity Grab offers sweepstakes to benefit charity! So, if you want to do something for you and take a chance on a life-changing experience or trip…enter today! Even if you don’t win, you’re impacting the world.

Enter a Charity Grab Sweepstakes for charity today!